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If you’re having a Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary or engagement party in Fife, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Inverness, Platinum Discos can supply you with lots of different items that will make your party even more memorable.

Mobile Discos and Djs.

Platinum Discos has over 40 years of experience which is invaluable. Being a mobile Dj is a continual learning experience. Your knowledge of music and what works and what doesn’t continually improves over time. Being a Wedding & Party Dj is a continual learning experience.

I started to be a wedding and party Dj as a very shy 14 year old but now I think nothing of standing in front of 20,000 people. Confidence on the microphone and the games that you learn and how to read situations all improve through time. This makes you a very good wedding, birthday and engagement Dj.

A mobile wedding and party Dj also needs to have a very good technical knowledge of lighting and sound and nowadays also of computers. When I first started to Dj in Aberfeldy lighting and sound were very basic but nowhere near as complex as they are today. 

Platinum Discos at Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen. Wedding Party Dj
My new disco rig with very expensive moving heads.



The picture below shows the effect that these 6 lights produced at Ardoe House Hotel for a corporate disco.

My disco at Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen. Wedding Party Dj
4 moving heads, 2 Warlocks and 12 wireless mood lights creates this effect.

When I first started to be a mobile wedding and party Dj I used to play 7” and 12” singles on vinyl using two record decks. I had some amazing experiences with this A’s record decks would often jump if your floor was bouncy.

One gig I did in a barn outside Aberfeldy I ended up suspending a table from the rafters so it was no longer on the floor. It worked a treat and that method was re used in 1993 in Bathgate when I worked at Room At The Top. My first weekend there I ended up holding my CD players as the Dj console was built on the edge of a sprung dance floor and even made my pioneer CDJ 500’s jump.

The next week we had a metal shelf that was attached to the wall and a steel rope suspended the far end to one of the rafters in the roof, problem solved.

I used this method again when working for Edinburgh based radio station Forth one. I was employed to provide sound and lighting for Forth One’s Boogie on the boat. This left Newcastle and went to Amsterdam.

On the way across the sea was flat and there were no problems. On the way back to Newcastle it was a different story with huge waves and a very rocky ship. To fix this I suspended a long table from a trussing rig that I had erected for the lighting and legendary Edinburgh Dj Tom Wilson was playing vinyl on two Technics Sl1210 decks.

Once again this method saved the day and Tom was able to play.  This was a job I really enjoyed and I was the warm up party Dj for the Forth one radio Djs.

Disco equipment due to its complexity can break down or need attention whilst your at a gig. Having years of experience means you know how to work around problems or fix them. Thankfully the days of changing lamps before every gig are now over as most disco lighting now uses led lamps that last around 50,000 hours.

I think one of the most useful things I’ve learnt over the years as a Wedding & Party Dj is how to get a great sound in almost any building. Some buildings are very challenging particularly if they have a lack of soft furnishings, carpets and lots of hard walls or windows. This is what I call swimming pool effect! It’s the hardest environment to get good sound due to all the echoes.

I remember being the Dj in a club in Crieff called Scorpios back in the 80’s I think. The Dj console was upstairs and the sound system was downstairs and there was a delay between what you heard through one ear on your headphones to the sound coming from the speakers downstairs.

When you spoke on the microphone you would hear yourself half a second later or so. It made talking on the mic very difficult so I started to wear my headphones on both ears so there was no delay with the microphone or when mixing. It solved the problem.

When I did lots of mobile disco hires in Aberfeldy, Dunkeld, Crieff, Tummel Bridge, Kinloch Rannoch, Pitlochry etc these were my early learning years. These were the years when I learnt about music and how to set up lights and sound.

In 1989 I learnt a new skill and that was how to beat mix. I used to just do weddings and parties and this was my first foray into being a club Dj. I started to Dj in a club in Dunfermline called Lourenzo Marques. I met a Dj called Dougie Smith who came from Dunfermline and it’s his birthday today as I got a Facebook notification.

He taught me how to mix at my mum’s House in Grandtully. His challenge to me was to beatmix Rick Astley’s Never going to give you up with Marrs pump up the volume. I was mixing without headphones so he could hear it outside while he was having a cigarette.

I’d shout out “is that it” he’d reply “ no” until eventually I got it right. He was an expert and I was just a beginner but he taught me very well. Over time my mixing became very good and I enjoyed best mixing, chop mixing etc. It made me a more adaptable mobile Dj who could fit into any environment.

Some years later I was taught even more by Dundee Dj Andy Blazenby who is now one of the top Djs on the international circuit working for ministry of sound. He was a very technical mixing Dj who made lots of adjustments on the mixer as he was beatmixing and he taught me even more.

He has worked all over Europe and has been the resident Dj in a club in Aberdeen and Dundee amongst others. He worked for me as a mobile wedding and party Dj for a while before returning to the international circuit.

I’ve learnt lots of Wedding & Party Dj party games over the years and I’m always learning more. Quite often my guests teach me new games. At a wedding in 2018 in Cullen in Aberdeenshire  I was the wedding Dj and the bride showed me two new games that I’d never seen before. The rag bag game and the ice cream game.

I was the wedding Dj at a wedding at Forbes of Kingennie outside Dundee and I learnt a new game from my French bride and groom. I now play their game routinely as it was so much fun. In my job you never stop learning and this makes you a better mobile wedding and party Dj.

Another skill you learn as a Wedding & Party Dj is navigation and knowledge of venues. I’ve been to quite literally thousands of venues in the last 43 years from all over Scotland  from Dumfries and Gretna Green to Perth, Edinburgh, Dundee, Stirling, Oban, Inverness, Aberdeen and all the little towns and villages in between.

Recently I’ve started to do lots of mobile discos at weddings and parties in Northern England, from Carlisle to Penrith and across to Newcastle and Durham. I’ve even been a Wedding & Party Dj in Dublin, Wales and Southern England. I also had a short international career where I worked in Egypt, Guernsey, Romania, Andorra and several others.

With all this variety of experience I’ve becone a very adaptable and knowledgeable mobile wedding and party Dj and I find this experience invaluable in what I do every weekend.

Photo Booth Hire.

Fairly recently I started to provide photo booths as an add on when I do mobile discos. I often used to see them when I was the mobile Dj at a wedding or birthday party. They interested me so I had a look at what they did and asked lots of questions about them. I have to say that only a few really impressed me and I started to compare the good ones with the bad ones.

I think the single biggest thing that didn’t impress me was the size of the photos that were produced. The passport style 3 or 4 on a strip was the least impressive as they were tiny. The next size up were the 6×4 inch ones which were a lot better and bigger. I had decided that I wanted to have the best Photobooth on the market and wanted to offer huge prints.

Earlier this year I bought what I think is the best looking inflatable photo booth with photopod inside. I wanted something that looked different from all the white square boxes that I’d seen before. This one was black and octagonal and as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one. So many people have commented on how great it looks.

Here’s a photo of it below:

Inflatable photo booth. Wedding Party Dj
Inflatable photo booth.













It’s very easy to set up and it’s light weight so can be taken into upstairs venues easily. It is 8ft tall by 8ft wide and 8ft deep. It usually fits into any venue unless you have a very low ceiling. If that’s the case then we just use the photo pod on its own and don’t use the inflatable photo booth. We can bring a height adjustable white backdrop in its place. Done people order both so they can do big group shots in front of the white backdrop and smaller more intimate shots in the inflatable photo booth.

Our DNP 620A printer is the best photo printer by far. It’s phenomenally quick and can print up to 400 prints an hour and a standard print takes under 10 seconds to print!

I chose the DNP 620A printer as it’s fast, makes beautifully clear photos and it does huge 6 inch by 9 inch prints which are more than twice the size of any other Photobooth companies prints! My customers cannot believe how big the prints are and are over the moon with the results. Their guests are equally impressed and I’m routinely told that my photo booth is the best they have ever seen.

This is of course music to my ears and I know I made the right choice when I bought the bigger faster printer and bought such a great looking inflatable photo booth.

You should read my customer reviews on my Facebook page:

It has always been my intention to be the best at everything I do and I’m in no doubt that my photo booth is the one to hire in Scotland.

Led dance floor hire.

In 2018 I decided to offer portable led dance floor hire. Once again I did my research into it before buying a floor. I asked friends who had floors and looked at led dance floors that I saw at events where I was the Dj and asked the operators and crew about them. The advice I was given was that Grumpy Joe’s made the best white led dance floor and so I bought two 20ft by 20ft Grumpy Joe’s dance floors.

20ft by 20ft white LED dance floor. Wedding Party Dj
My white 20ft by 20ft led dance floor at The George Hotel, George St, Edinburgh.

The issues that the cheaper led dance floors have is not staying lit all night and the panels separating during the night leaving a gap.

I’m pleased to say that the Grumpy Joe’s floor is really good at staying lit and not separating and I’m extremely happy with it.

My white led dance floor is always sparklingly clean as a white led floor can be easily marked and shows the dirt you need to keep it immaculately clean. Our floors are routinely cleaned and polished so they look stunning.

We take spare panels, power supplies and the edges to every gig just in case sobering doesnt work.

I offer an amazing package deal for weddings where you can get a 16ft by 16ft white led dance floor, your Dj and mobile disco, a Photo booth or magic mirror and 12 wireless mood lights for £1,000! It’s an absolute bargain.

special offer Wedding Party Dj




Giant letter hire.

In 2018 I started to offer giant letter hire as another add on for when you hired your mobile disco from me. We also supply them on there own but you get a discounted rate if you take them with our disco.

Yet again I looked at lots of giant letters that I saw when I was the Dj at a wedding or birthday etc. Some were so bright that they lit up the whole room and took away the ambiance. I always asked the person who the party was for if I could switch them off and explained why. This was one thing that put me off hiring giant letters until I saw the ones that I have now bought. On all the Dj forums on Facebook you see Djs complaining about giant letters and how bright they are. 

My giant letters use led lamps and not the powerful traditional filament type light bulbs.

They are subtle and light up the letter and I’ve never had to switch them off. I keep them on all night. My Mr & Mrs giant letters actually have two sets of led’s In them and one set is multi coloured and can flash on and off. They look amazing!

My giant letters are also battery powered so there is no risk of electric shock as they run for  over 24 hours on 3 AA batteries. I use the longest lasting rechargeable batteries made by Duracell as I like to be environmentally friendly and in the long run it keeps my costs down.

I have every letter in the alphabet and every number too and multiples of the most commonly used letters and numbers.

Giant letters are very popular and make a great photo backdrop for photos. “Love”  is very popular at weddings and engagement parties.

4ft tall “LOVE” letters. Wedding Party Dj
4ft tall “LOVE” letters.



Mr and Mrs letters and white Led dance floor. Wedding Party Dj
Mr & Mrs letters and white LED dance floor.


Mr & Mrs is extremely popular at weddings.

We do both Love and Mr & Mrs in 4ft and 5ft heights.

For birthdays numbers are very popular especially the big birthdays: 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 etc.

4ft tall giant letters “18” Wedding Party Dj
“18” in 4ft tall giant illuminated letters.





We can also provide your initials or your full name or a company name or even this unusual one that I provided this week.


Giant letter hire at St Andrews University. Wedding Party Dj
Giant letter hire at St Andrews University.








Platinum Discos provides numerous other items that you can hire and if you look through the website you will find items such as postboxes, giant heart arches, mood lighting, candy carts and much more.

We are much more than just a Mobile Disco company and life as a Wedding & Party Dj is never dull. Our numerous package deals are designed to make it easy for you to book everything you need in the one place from your mobile wedding Dj to giant letters.

When I buy something new you will often see it first on my Facebook page:

If you have any questions about anything that I provide or what to expect from your Wedding & Party Dj please don’t hesitate to contact me on my mobile which is 07472 287 151 or by emailing me via the contact page here