Wedding Dj Edinburgh. Mobile disco Edinburgh

Wedding Dj Edinburgh.

Are you planning a wedding in the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland and would like to hire a phenomenal Scottish wedding Dj who really knows how to entertain and provides a top quality service?

Ashley Duncan from Platinum Discos is probably the most popular wedding Dj in Scotland and has done all of Edinburgh’s top wedding venues. With 44 years experience he really knows how to create an amazing party atmosphere and he is very easy going and calm and a pleasure to deal with.

Wedding Dj Ashley.
Dj Ashley

Ashley is a perfectionist and likes everything to be done right. He also likes to put on a real show and has Scotland’s best looking mobile disco with stunning lighting and a beautifully clear sound system.

Ashley does not conform to the “less is more” philosophy and he says “more is more is my philosophy!” He loves to put on big shows where he will transform a venue with incredible lighting.

Ashley invests vast sums of money in his disco and is probably the only mobile Dj in Scotland with a disco worth over £25,000! So when you hire Ashley to be your wedding Dj you are in for a real show with a Dj who really knows how to create a party atmosphere and keep you and all your guests dancing!

One of Ashley’s favourite lighting effects is his wireless mood lighting. At almost £5,000 for a set of 12 lights plus controller and charging cases it was a serious investment.

As Ashley will admit himself he didn’t truly appreciate how much of a game changer these lights would be and how incredibly fast they are to set up which is really useful when you only have under an hour to set up a whole disco and mood lights during room turnaround.

As they are battery powered and controlled wirelessly they can be placed anywhere and don’t have cables to tape down etc. This saves loads of time and because they are controlled wirelessly they can do so much more than a cheap £50 Mood light that most wedding Djs use.

Heres a demo video of the wireless mood lights that Ashley took after a wedding fair at The Huntingtower Hotel in Perth.

Ashley has now bought two sets of wireless mood lighting with a third set planned for 2019.

Ashley likes his disco effect lighting to be dramatic but not blinding and has recently invested in 4 ADJ Focus Spot 4z moving heads. These lights do so much and look incredible and when Ashley is the wedding Dj your guests will be seriously impressed.

Ashley has lots of lighting and regularly changes the way his disco looks to suit the venue. He really likes being creative with lighting and from the reviews he gets his customers really appreciate his efforts. He likes to seriously impress not underimpress as a wedding Dj.

Ashley will tell you that being a wedding Dj is actually really hard work and not the walk in the park that people think it is. The preparation that a top class wedding Dj does in advance of your wedding is quite exhaustive and it’s why you hire a top quality wedding Dj like Ashley.

Everything from your musical choices has to be checked to see if he has the songs you’ve asked for and if not to buy them before your wedding. This can be quite time consuming.

Researching the venue, to find out about access, where to get in and at what time. Luckily Ashley has knowledge of most of Edinburgh’s wedding venues like The George Hotel, The Sheraton Hotel, The Glasshouse, The Marriott Hotel, The Hilton Hotel, plus venues like The Corn Exchange, The Assembly Rooms and lots of local community halls, church halls and Masonic halls etc.

Ashley will always ask about your wedding colours so that his mood lighting and disco lighting match your colour scheme. It’s all part of the service from Scotland’s number one wedding Dj.

Ashley offers a complimentary wedding planning meeting where you get to meet him preferably at the venue before your wedding. Ashley really enjoys these planning meetings as it’s a time to get to know you and to find out what you want and don’t want at your wedding.

Everything related to your wedding reception is discussed and Ashley has a very handy form on his website that he will ask you to fill in. This has everything he needs in one place which is very useful when your the Dj.

Here is a link to the form:

Ashley also had a playlist creator made on his website that is easy to use:

When booking Ashley to be your wedding Dj he will always ask for a deposit to be paid. This is to guarantee that you want to book him and to create a paper trail and initiate the booking process.

As a professional wedding Dj Ashley needs to have systems in place to accept your booking and to keep it in an organised fashion.

The different checklists that Ashley will send to you are a checks and balances system that guarantee that your booking cannot be lost. Ashley backs up his email to another email account, every booking is printed off and then filed in a folder with your name on it and then copied into his master diary.

Being a professional wedding Dj is all about quality, reliability and listening to the needs of  your clients and their guests.

Music is probably the most important part of a wedding Djs evening. Playing the right songs at the right time is an art and Ashley constantly watches the crowd looking for clues as to what to play. He takes requests from your guests on the night and the playlist form mentioned above is your way to send him your favourite songs in advance.

As a wedding Dj it is also very important to make sure that all your guests are comfortable and that the volume suits everyone and that the lighting isn’t blinding. Ashley adjusts his lighting so that it’s not blinding and the volume to suit everyone as a matter of course on every night.

Ashley offers lots of options and this applies to his sound system. His basic Silver Disco package has two amazing Yamaha DSR 115 speakers totalling 2.6Kw. Their clarity is breathtaking and has ample power for most venues.

Ashley’s Gold Disco Package is his personal favourite and features the same Yamaha DSR115 speakers but with two Yamaha Dxs18 1,050 watt 18 inch subs. This produces a much nicer more rounded sound and a much deeper bass! Very few wedding Djs have a sound system anything like this.

For really big venues this system can be doubled up to a whopping 7.4Kw with 4 DSR 115 subs and 4 DXS18 subs. This is ideal for larger weddings where you need a wedding Dj with a sound system that’s big enough to fill the room with sound with ease! This system sounds absolutely incredible and Ashley does a gig in Dunfermline every year where he takes out this huge system and over 50 lights! It’s his favourite job of the year!

Here’s a video from this event:

Ashley loves to see people enjoying themselves and he actively encourages people to be party animals. As Ashley says a wedding Dj can do so much but it’s your audience who will make the night and he will feed off their energy and vice versa. Ashley would describe himself as very laid back and relaxed and let’s his music do the talking but he is very modest and is an excellent compère and a very good mixer too!

This is one of Ashley’s favourite videos, that he took, that shows just how much fun you can have at a wedding. He told me that at this amazing wedding at Mabie House Hotel, Dumfries his cheeks were sore after laughing so much when these two incredible funny guests were dancing. You can hear the guests laughing like crazy and what an incredible atmosphere this wedding had.

Ashley is unlike most other wedding Djs as he’s very well educated, well travelled and has worked all over the world as a Dj! Not many wedding Djs have his variety of experience or the length of experience that he does.

Ashley just says he loves his job and once you talk to him you’ll clearly hear his contagious enthusiasm for his job for sure! He looks forward to every weekend and the thought of making all his guests happy really makes his job incredibly  rewarding.

Ashley has recently created some incredible package deals which are designed to make your life easier and to give you value for money beyond your wildest dreams.

His first package deal “The Special Offer” has been improved with a bigger dance floor, an extra hours photo booth or magic mirror hire and the addition of seven 4ft tall giant letters of your choice. Ashley is not just a wedding Dj he’s a complete event solution for your wedding or party.

Heres the official advert for the newly renamed £1,000 deal.

The £1,000 deal just got better with 7 giant letters or giant numbers and led dance floor hire increased to 20ft and includes a top class wedding Dj.
The £1,000 special offer.

Ashley has introduced a second special offer named “The Full Monty”. It has everything that the £1,000 deal has plus everything on the official poster below.

The Full Monty Deal with Led dance floor hire included and a top class wedding Dj.
The Full Monty Deal.


New for 2019 will be some amazing special effects. Ashley wants to continue to be the “go to” wedding Dj in Edinburgh and Scotland and with his huge selection of special effects that will include : Sparkulars, a new low smoke machine, confetti launchers and some incredible new disco lighting he will continue to offer a service that no other Dj in Scotland can.

Ashley has a new all white disco setup for 2019 especially for weddings. He has bought an incredible new pair of white EV Evolve 50 speakers that are the best he’s heard. Have a look at this review and you’ll see why he bought them:

Ashley has been a Dj in Edinburgh since 1982 when he was just 20 years old. He was a student at Leith Nautical College studying to be a ship’s radio officer and the knowledge of electrical systems that he gained there are often used in his job as a wedding Dj. His first gig in Edinburgh was in the canteen at Leith Nautical College for the students. I don’t think he believed at the time that he would be a professional wedding Dj some 37 years later!

Ashley has done so many different types of gigs in Edinburgh. He’s not just a wedding Dj, he’s a children’s entertainer and a fantastic gala compère too. Ashley has a very easy going attitude and isn’t a primadonna. He just sees himself as a normal average guy and talks to anyone and everyone.

When your choosing a wedding Dj give Ashley a call and ask him lots of questions and he’ll give you straight forward answers. He will also tell you about lots of true life experiences that he has encountered in his 44 years as a Dj and you’ll hear that enthusiasm in droves!

One of the best places to get an insight into Ashley, the wedding Dj, is on his Facebook Page. You’ll be able to read lots of customer reviews and you’ll see he has lots of conversations with all his customers.

Ashley’s Facebook Page is also the best place to see new products and services that he offers. So if you “LIKE” Ashley’s Facebook Page you’ll always be up to speed with what he’s up to and any special offers that he’s offering.

Heres the Facebook link:

Ashley offers the following services:

Mobile Disco hire in Edinburgh.

Wedding Dj hire in Edinburgh.

Karaoke Dj hire in Edinburgh.

Dance floor hire in Edinburgh.

Photo booth hire in Edinburgh.

Magic mirror hire in Edinburgh.

Giant letter hire in Edinburgh.

Backdrop hire in Edinburgh.

Wedding Decor hire in Edinburgh.

Special effects hire in Edinburgh.

Ashley has a fantastic YouTube channel with over 1,000 videos. You can see various setups, product demonstrations, wedding and party footage from events where Ashley has been the wedding Dj or party Dj and much more.

Here’s the link:

To book Ashley as your wedding Dj or party Dj please use this contact form:

Here are some of Ashley’s disco setups:

Wedding Dj, Atholl Palace Hotel Pitlochry.
My Gold disco package at The Atholl Palace Hotel Pitlochry.
Not just a wedding Dj.
My biggest gig every year at The Glen Pavilion Dunfermline.
When room turnarounds come I don’t have lots of time to set my mobile disco up. Wedding Dj setup.
My Silver package mobile disco.


My mobile disco at Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen. Hire me as your wedding Dj.
My mobile disco at Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen.
Hire me as your wedding Dj and you’ll get a disco that looks like this one. This photo was taken at The Atholl Palace Hotel in Pitlochry in the Bow Lounge.
Hire me as your wedding Dj and you’ll get a disco that looks like this one. This photo was taken at The Atholl Palace Hotel in Pitlochry in the Bow Lounge.
Platinum Discos at Gretna Hall Hotel Gretna Green. Wedding Dj.
Platinum Discos at Gretna Hall Hotel Gretna Green.