Song Playlist

You can also create a Spotify playlist and click the three dots in the top right hand corner there and share by email.(preferred method).
Please send to and let us know you’ve sent it by email so we know it’s yours.
If you can name your Spotify playlist with the date and your name or venue name that would be perfect!

Two or three or more Spotify playlists can be created:
Wedding meal background music
Evening reception
Buffet break music
Ceremony music (If you’ve booked that service).

It’s a very quick and easy way to do it, but please be careful not to choose explicit versions on Spotify!

Remember that your guests will ask for requests and the Dj will also add guaranteed floor fillers that fit in with your playlist

Date of Event (required)

Artist 1 Song 1

Artist 2 Song 2

Artist 3 Song 3

Artist 4 Song 4

Artist 5 Song 5

Artist 6 Song 6

Artist 7 Song 7

Artist 8 Song 8

Artist 9 Song 9

Artist 10 Song 10

Artist 11 Song 11

Artist 12 Song 12

Artist 13 Song 13

Artist 14 Song 14

Artist 15 Song 15

Artist 16 Song 16

Artist 17 Song 17

Artist 18 Song 18

Artist 19 Song 19

Artist 20 Song 20

Any songs NOT to be played

If you require more songs, simply send this list then create another.

A copy of this list will be emailed to you for your records