Parties: Whatever your celebrating, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a Bar Mitzvah or a prom, Platinum Discos can provide you with top quality entertainment.

All our Djs are true professionals that have been hand picked by me for their quality and reliability. We don’t have inexperienced Djs or unreliable Djs as when I give my word that your disco will arrive, it will !

All Platinum Disco’s Djs have a great looking disco with modern lighting and a crystal clear sound system. They also have masses of music so that everyone at your party enjoys the music and dances! All our Djs also have a back up sound system so if any part of it were to go wrong they would have spare one and the party would continue as if nothing had happened.

Why hire us and not another Dj company? Platinum Discos believe in supplying only top quality Djs who consistently get great customer reviews and always arrive early and are ready to play on time, every time! Our Djs only have top quality equipment and all are Djs operate legally with PLI and PAT tested equipment. All of our Djs are confident on the microphone and are proper entertainers and not bedroom Djs! They all play requests, accept playlists and are smartly dressed!

A comment we get often is just how good our Djs are, our customers also comment regularly on how beautiful and effective our lights are and how neat our Dj booths look. I take pride in what I stand behind when I’m at work, I like my disco to be always neat and tidy with no cables showing and for everything to be perfect! I expect the same from all the Djs who we give work to.

How to create an amazing party atmosphere. This is something that comes with experience and the more you have the better! Knowing what songs to play, and when, to fill the dance floor is an art! When to use the microphone to encourage people to dance and knowing when not to! When tp play party games and not. These are all things that come with experience. There is no substitute for experience!

Entertaining a smaller crowd is the hardest thing a Dj can do! It takes a more personal touch and far more interaction with your crowd. It’s something I really enjoy doing and some of my most memorable nights have been with a crowd of less than 30! Here is an example of just that, I had less than 20 guests and what a night we had!

Whether it’s a younger crowd or an older crowd you have to adapt and modify your performance to suit your guests. Having a huge variety of music to suit everyone really makes a huge difference!

Here’s a video I took at a party back in 2016 at Chris’s birthday party and retirement in his cottage near Stonehaven. I had less than 50 guests and the disco was set up in his living room and I had a crowd that really wanted to party and this video really shows you what my discos are like! You can feel the atmosphere off this video, I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

Here’s another video from a party I did for a much younger age group in Edinburgh. Another amazing night and a packed dance floor from start to finish!

One last video for you to watch from my New year’s Eve disco at The County Hotel in Hexham. Another fantastic night with a capacity crowd from start to finish. I’m already booked to return again for New Year’s eve 2018.

I have various different disco options, these are my two most popular ones:

Silver Disco: This package comes with two full range speakers and 6-8 lights which will fill any venue with light!








Gold Disco: This package comes with an awesome 4 speaker sound system with two full range speakers and two sub bass speakers and produces a lovely sound with a deep rumbling bass. This package also comes with 10-12 lights which look nothing short of spectacular and comes with 12 wireless mood lights!


Mood lighting: I’m one of the few Djs in Scotland to use wireless mood lighting. The reason is because they cost 7 times the cost of a normal mood light and at over £4000 for a set you can see why most Djs don’t have them. They are extremely bright, they can be dimmed, colours changed automatically and they strobe and do sequences! You don’t need to spend ages taping cables down or running DMX cables to every light as they are controlled through an app on your phone via a special wireless router. The biggest advantage they have is that as they run on batteries they can be put anywhere in the room in 2-3 minutes!  They are also easily controlled through the app. They do so much and are amazing! Here’s a video I took of them that shows what they do:

What do you think?

If you want to have an amazing party where all your guests compliment you on how amazing the party has been you need a good Dj, with great equipment, who play great music and takes requests! You also need a few party animals to help create the atmosphere and a nice venue where your guests can afford to drink! Always invite twice as many people as you want to turn up as usually only around 50% turn up.

Optional Extras: We do a huge range of optional extras from photo booths and selfie mirrors to dance floors, mood lighting, specialist lighting, special effects, projectors with screens and more! You will find everything we do on our optional extras page.

To book or to make an enquiry, simply fill out the contact form on the website and give all the essential details: date of event, where it is (with as much of the address as you can), start and finish times, who the party is for, what kind of party it is, your mobile number, your email address and any other info you think would be useful.

Please double check your email address and mobile number are correct! You wouldn’t believe the amount of times we get sent incorrect ones and then can’t contact you.