Halloween themed mobile disco | Scotland

Hire the ultimate Halloween themed mobile disco in Scotland from Platinum Discos.

We can supply you with an incredible Halloween mobile disco like you’ve never seen before. We can travel anywhere in Scotland from Dumfries and Gretna Green in The south west to  Galashiels, Selkirk and Melrose in the South East to Glasgow, Stirling, Livingston and Edinburgh in the central belt all the way up through Perth, Dundee and Aviemore up to the North East coast to Aberdeen, Buckie, Fraserburgh and Nairn and across to Inverness, Fort William,  Lochinver and Arisaig on the west coast.

Platinum discos can also provide discos on Scotland’s islands. Over the years I’ve done mobile discos on Skye, Mull, Arran, Rothesay and Tiree to name just a few.

My Halloween mobile disco comes with up to 10 Halloween gobo projections that will make your venue look really amazing!

My Halloween mobile disco can also have wireless mood lighting with creepy Halloween colours like Red and Purple. I can also add UV (ultraviolet) lighting that makes anything that’s white glow and any material that reacts to UV lighting will glow. If you have hired a face painter for a children’s party please let them know I have UV lights and they will bring special UV face paint which glows and looks amazing.

Heres a video of my Halloween mobile disco at The Hilton Grosvenor in Glasgow.

My Halloween mobile disco in this video was my Gold disco package with 12 wireless mood lights and 6 gobo projectors which I put the Halloween gobos in.

Question: What is a gobo?

Answer: a gobo is either a glass or metal disc that has had an image either cut by laser or chemically etched onto it. The photo below has glass and metal gobos for different projectors that I have.

Some of my Halloween gobos for my mobile disco.
Some of my Halloween gobos for my mobile disco.

I have quite a collection of gobos for every occasion. 

I have several different gobo projectors now that do different things which means my Halloween mobile disco looks incredible.

My American Dj Ikon IR gobo projector takes the largest size gobo in the picture above. It has a very bright lamp and comes with three different lenses so you can change the size of the projected image or project near or far away. This projector can dim and rotate the gobo which is very effective.

My American Dj Ikon profile doesn’t rotate but has a really long zoom lense so you can project a static image right to the other end of a room. It takes the smaller sized gobos in the photograph above.

I also bought a Chauvet gobo Xoom which rotates and has a zoom lense but it’s not quite as bright as the two American Dj ones.

My first gobo projector was the American Dj gobo projector, it rotates and takes the smaller gobos. It’s not as bright as any of the others but is good for short range projections.

The ghost ship Halloween Gobo looked great at my mobile disco.
The ghost ship Halloween Gobo looked great at my mobile disco.

I think the ghost ship is a particularly good Halloween Gobo with lots of detail on it.


Happy Halloween Gobo at my mobile disco at The Hilton Grosvenor in Glasgow.
Happy Halloween Gobo and moon and stars gobo at my mobile disco at The Hilton Grosvenor in Glasgow.

I think that projected images can really  help create a great atmosphere at any event along with dramatic lighting and a great sound system and a Mobile Dj who plays great music and takes requests. I’m often told I have the best mobile disco in Scotland and I think this Halloween mobile disco was one of the best I’ve created so far!

This Halloween mobile disco took me over four hours to build including all those gobo projectors, mood lighting, awesome disco lighting and my beautifully clear Top of the range Yamaha DSR series subs and tops. With a total output of 4.7Kw it really sounded awesome and had a punchy bass line and crystal clear highs.

For this Halloween themed disco I also provided our photo booth which produces huge 6 inch by 9 inch prints.

It was personally very satisfying for me that so many people commented on how amazing the room looked and how nice it sounded. The waitresses, managers, the event organiser Gail and many of their guests came up and told me how great it was and that they had thoroughly enjoyed their Halloween themed disco.

I love being creative with lighting and I found this job immensely satisfying and it was really nice that so many people said it was the best mobile disco they had ever seen!

If you have an event coming up soon and you’d like to book an amazing disco for your event then please fill in my contact form: