DJ Profiles

Ashley Platinum Discos

My name is Ashley and I’m the owner of Platinum Discos. I’ve been a Dj since 1976 and I’ve worked in pubs, clubs and hotels both in the UK and abroad. I think I’ve done every type of party conceivable from children’s parties to weddings and corporate events.

My experience of working in so many different types of venues and doing lots of different types of functions makes me very flexible and adaptable! I’m renowned for my excellent choice of music that fills dance floors and creates an amazing party atmosphere!

I have always liked to have the best of everything as I’m a perfectionist and I’m always trying to improve things and make them look better and sound better! I’ve never been happy with coming anywhere but first! I remember being gutted at getting the runners up prize at the provost’s award for the entrepreneur of the year award. I won £1500 and received a nice silver engraved cup which still sits on my mantlepiece, but I wasn’t happy at being only the runner up!

Musically I like to have lots of music, not just a little. My music collection covers the last 80 years or so and crosses every genre. I can play anything from Ballroom to Ceilidh, to Rock, Dance and club classics right through to pop and the current chart hits! It’s extremely satisfying when somebody comes up and says ” I bet you don’t have any of ……” and I reply yes I’ve got that and all these others by that artist too! A comment I get often is ” your the first Dj that’s had that”.

Above all, I absolutely love my job! I like driving all over Scotland and the North of England. I get to see some beautiful venues which can be anything from a stunning castle like Edinburgh or Stirling castle to a beautiful 5 star hotel like Cameron House on Loch Lomond that sadly had a fire recently in December 2017. The other thing I particularly enjoy is meeting interesting and funny people. I really have been blessed to have a head full of happy memories from places all over the country and the people I’ve met there. Being a Dj is a way of life for me. I love music, I love being creative with lighting and I like seeing my guests having fun! It really is quite addictive!

So if your looking for a Dj with a fantastic disco, who fills dance floors and creates an amazing party atmosphere then I’m the Dj your looking for!

Thanks for reading.