Dance Floor Booking and Payment Form

A copy of this checklist will be emailed to you for your records
If you do  not receive it, we haven’t either. Please check your form for missing fields.


We suggest a quick read through of the questions before you begin to answer

Please use the Bank Details below for payments either by internet banking or by visiting a branch of Bank Of Scotland

Platinum Discos

Sort code: 80-22-60

A/c no: 16860261

Bank Of Scotland

Please fill in the checklist below after you’ve made the deposit payment / part or full payment and please let us know the name on the account the money came from. ( adding a reference to your payment doesn’t always come through at this end as banks often retain them, so please tell us the name of the person’s account where the money came from)

Every week we receive deposits that we can’t immediately allocate to a booking so please follow this procedure to the letter as it helps greatly. Often the person who booked is not the person who sent the money or has an account with a different name.

We will then check the bank account to look for your payment and confirm receipt and issue you with a booking confirmation. Only at this point will your booking become a confirmed booking!

Failure to notify us of your deposit payment in this form may result in your booking not being confirmed!

It is vital you do this.

The balance is due 7 days before the event. (Please notify us every time you’ve made a payment so we can allocate your payments to your booking).

Thank you for your booking.


    Please select carefully
    Deposit PaymentPart PaymentPayment in Full


    Size of Floor (multiples of 2 ft)