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Ashley Platinum DiscosMy name is Ashley and I became a Dj back in 1976 in Aberfeldy when I was just 14 years old. I started off doing the local Ski club dances and then house parties and then progressed into a Mobile Disco Dj doing school discos and eventually parties in pubs and hotels when I was over 18.

In 1987 I became a night club Dj in Lourenzo Marques in Dunfermline and was taught to beat mix by Dougie Smith the other resident Dj. In 1990 I embarked on my international mobile disco dj career and worked in Egypt and Guernsey.

With this huge variety of DJ experience behind me I’ve become a very flexible and adaptable Mobile Disco DJ who is very confident on the microphone who is well spoken and easily understood and I can also beat mix, be a personality mobile disco dj plus I know lots of games and competitions too.

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Musically I can play almost any style of music with ease and with my massive music collection which I’ve built up over the last 40+ years I’ve amassed a collection of over a million songs! I can play music from the 1920’s to the latest chart hits. I also have all the ceilidh dances and can call many of them too.

My disco equipment is top of the range as I believe a dramatic light show and crystal clear sound played at a comfortable level on your ears adds greatly to the atmosphere! By my customer reviews I would say they all agree!

Best Dj awardReliability is a huge issue in our industry as our mobile dj job is unlike any other! If the mobile disco dj doesn’t turn up the party is ruined. Everything from the booking process to our diary and back up systems have been designed to provide 100% reliability!

I only accept enquiries through my website enquiry form, by telephone or email. I don’t accept bookings through social media but I’m happy to discuss your event. If you’ve called me and I don’t have my diary with me I will always ask you to send me an email with all the details. (bits of paper with bookings on them are a recipe for disaster!).

I will then reply to your email and arrange a deposit and then your booked in and a confirmation sent. My website has a new contact form which is my preferred way of receiving bookings as all the answers I need will be on it once you’ve completed it. Either an email or website enquiry are the safest way of making your booking.

My mobile disco djs are all hand picked, they are all highly experienced and use good equipment like me and have a backup sound system etc. My customer reviews for all my mobile djs are fantastic!

When you choose a Platinum Discos mobile dj to do your party you can be safe in the knowledge that we will always turn up and give you and your guests a night to remember for all the right reasons!

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